The Road to the Rio Grande Rock House

Fair Warning! Before you go to the Rio Grande Rock house, here are a few words about getting there safely.

Be Careful!

  • You damn well may encounter loose livestock, wildlife, and falling rocks. Horses and cattle are commonplace on the road.
  • Turkey vultures dining on road kill can be startled and fly into your car. Ugh!
  • Dark gray javelinas are particularly hard to see after dark and will wander in front of your vehicle.

Thie "River Road" is truly one of the great drives in the country and attracts people from all over the world. Some of them are watching the scenery, not the road.

There is a steep hill. We know you've driven up and down steep hills before, but probably nothing quite like this.

It prompts some of the most dreaded words in the Big Bend vernacular: "Turn off your air conditioning!"